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For some people, the process of moving to another country can be easy; for others, it can be challenging. It is important to know that dedicated help is available and that you do not have to be alone in your new home. KCCMS is here to provide help throughout your adjustment period and support your endeavours as a newcomer in Canada. Settlement services are available to newcomers and immigrants to facilitate adaptation to Canada.

KCCMS supports you in various ways.

Kababayan offers programs for all newcomers, landed immigrants, permanent residents, live-in caregivers, temporary foreign workers, refugees, reunited Filipino families, Filipino youth, seniors and women.

Kababayan provides settlement services to all newcomers in the Parkdale community and to all Filipinos in the Greater Toronto Area. Services are delivered in English and Tagalog. Library Settlement Partnership Program staff speak Hindi, Urdu and Nepali.

Settlement services provided are: information and referral, form filling guidance, group workshops on basic computer skills, financial literacy, life skills, first aid and CPR certification and more. Kababayan staff provides information and guidance to newcomers to successfully settle in Toronto.

If you are an immigrant, live-in caregiver, temporary foreign worker, refugee, senior, reunited family, or youth and have questions or settlement issues, contact us.

Orientation & Information Services

  • Learning accurate information will enable and empower you as a newcomer to reach out to your new community. Settlement counsellors will work with you to create a personalized newcomer’s settlement plan to guide you through the process of integration in Canada.

Referral Services

  • Assisting you with your new life in Canada, KCCMS will lead you to the appropriate avenues by referring you to organizations that will appropriately respond to your specific needs.

Translation & Interpretation Services

  • We understand that learning a new language is never easy. This service helps you to improve your communication to convey your message. You can also access assistance in translating documents relating to matters necessary for immediate settlement.

Employment-Related Services

  • KCCMS offers assistance and information on employment standards and workers’ rights under provincial legislation. Opportunities for skills training and workshops on employment-related topics and issues are available as well. In addition, KCCMS collaborates with other agencies for mandatory employment equity to end discrimination in the workplace. Volunteer opportunities are open to interested individuals who would like to gain Canadian work experience.

Life Skills Seminars

  • Seminars and workshops to develop and enhance life and coping skills are conducted regularly (i.e. peer nutrition, CPR/First Aid training, financial management, stress management) to improve settlement success in Canada.

Para-Professional Counselling Services

  • Professionally trained settlement counsellors will assist and support your strengths and personal power to improve your chances for a successful life in Canada.
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