Community Programming

Community Social Support programs are city-funded programs which seek to empower different groups within the community. At Kababayan, we have the Youth Program, the Women's Program and the Senior's Program. The overall goal of these groups is to celebrate what makes them unique, and give participants opportunities to grow, to explore the city, and to become leaders in their community.

Youth Program

Newcomer Youth between the ages of 13 to 24 years old can join the activities that KMC organizes. The goal of the activities is to develop the youth’s leadership skills and encourage them to be confident in their personalities. In collaboration with Northview Heights Secondary School and St. Mary Catholic Academy, KMC coordinates our “After School Program” to support newcomer students.

Women's Empowerment Program

This support group empowers its members and other women by supporting each other and sharing their personal stories, knowledge, and skills. In partnership with other groups, KMC conducts educational forums and workshops to advocate for women’s rights, facilitate personal growth and empowerment, enhance capacity-building and leadership skills. Moreover, the provision of information and opportunities to progress in their prospective career and life paths is available. 

Senior's Support Program

This support group offers a safe space that encourages seniors to engage in activities, receive, and give support to one another and the community in general. Also, it aims to address elderly issues such as abuse, family break-ups, and isolation. Moreover, the group helps seniors access information and social services such as government benefits (pension),
housing, employment, recreation, health, and wellness, as well as volunteer work.

Young Women Empowerment Program

In the fiscal year of 2019- 2020, KMC provided support to young women at Madonna Catholic Secondary School. The program consisted of activities and workshops that enabled young women to gain knowledge about concepts and issues that significantly affected their development. Furthermore, it offered pathways which facilitated empowerment, growth, and enhancement of their leadership and social skills. The youth women’s program created great opportunities for students to create connections within their community.