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We help you adapt to a new life in Canada through our various one-to-one and group information sessions and other services.

We deliver settlement services right from our offices, as well as from the Parkdale Branch of the Toronto Public Library, through the Library Settlement Partnership.

Newcomers Orientation

We help you navigate Canadian systems and institutions by providing useful information that can help as you and your family work, study, care for your health, connect with community, and live in Canada.

Language and Interpretation

We help you prepare your settlement-related documents on employment, education, and legal matters. We also help strengthen your confidence to communicate and interact, through our English conversation classes.


Depending on your needs and priorities, we will help you find suitable organizations that may further help you, through our extensive referral network.

Family Reunification

Through both individual and group sessions, we help family members cope with the myriad challenges they experience as they reunite with family after a long time of separation, so that they may re-discover how it is to be a family living with one another again.


By working with your strengths and passions, we help you find suitable employment with the  help of an array of partners acting as bridge between newcomers and their dream profession. Find out what other support for Employment we can offer.

Supportive Counselling 

Whether you need advice on the practical concerns of daily life or other challenges surrounding your integration into the community, we are here to counsel you. We treat one-on-one sessions with you with utmost confidentiality, respect, and non-judgment, and we help you find the power within you to improve your well-being. Find out what other youth and family support we can offer.

Computer Skills Training

Through a basic computer skills training, we help you live and function with ease, and participate more fully in Canadian life, with the use of internet and digital technologies.

Life Skills Seminars

Through seminars and workshops, we help you develop and enhance useful life skills, for example on, nutrition, CPR and First-Aid, financial management, stress management, etc.

Individual Advocacy

As a newcomer to Canada, you have both responsibilities and rights, and we help you understand and stand up for your rights as you settle in a new life in Canada.

Book an appointment with one of our Settlement Counsellors or email us at


In order to consistently improve our services, we would love to hear from our clients! If you have received KMC’s Settlement services and would like to leave a feedback, please do so here.

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The reunification of our family (I came with my sons, and my husband followed later) in Canada had been a long and challenging journey, but our KMC settlement counselor somehow managed to make our exhausting lives easy and manageable. She was wonderful and responded to my queries promptly and generously. Her knowledge and professionalism calmed my worries and anxieties. Such a blessing!


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KMC assisted in first, my, and then later, my husband’s and daughter’s settlement in Canada. They helped my husband find a job, and connected all of us to very useful community health centre and other community services. Summer trips like the cherry-picking trip and the tulip festival in Ottawa were particularly enjoyable!


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I had the fortune of participating in KMC’s English and Computer Training programs. Through these and other activities, I gained new experiences, new skills, and new connections and these give me a huge sense of accomplishment and happiness.

-Mary Josephine

What Our Clients Say

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