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A strong immigrant communities that achieves equality, full, and equal access to economic, political, and socio-cultural opportunities in Canadian society.


To develop immigrant community by providing effective and client-centered programs and services accessible to all, and delivered by caring and professional staff, in partnership with agencies and organizations


  • Collaboration

    • We commit to working collaboratively to maximize resources, share information and coordinate services. We will create a healthy work environment for staff, and strive to be effective, efficient and sustainable in everything we do. ​

  • Community Engagement

    • We commit to engaging the community by providing opportunities for community members to share their knowledge, resources and expertise and creating mechanisms that build wellness, strength and civic engagement. ​

  • Compassion

    • We commit to creating a place that is welcoming for everyone, and where everyone is treated with understanding and compassion. We will go out of our way to support community members and link people to the services and supports that they are seeking. ​

  • Equity

    • We commit to respecting and valuing the diversity of clients, residents and staff in the community. We will make decisions and work in ways that reflect our shared social justice and anti-oppression principles. ​

  • Excellence 

    • We commit to evolving and responding to the changing needs and aspirations of the community. We will be client-centered, adaptable, and continuously seek out opportunities for learning and quality improvement.​

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