The Kababayan Multicultural Centre (KMC) was founded in 1977 by Ruben Cusipag, Tessie Jew, Voltaire de Leon, Carmencita Hernandez and Helen Mascardo. Over the years, KMC has been a strong presence in the community, advocating for the rights of Filipino people in Toronto, while assisting in the settlement of newcomer here in Toronto. As we push on into the future, we expand our mandate to empower newcomer of all racial groups who seek to equity and social inclusion here in Canada.

Kababayan Multicultural Centre (KMC) is dedicated to working towards the development of a strong immigrant community that is proud of its cultural heritage and its contribution to Canada by:

  • Providing settlement services to facilitate integration of newcomers

  • Addressing systemic and institutional barriers to social inclusion

  • Adopting people-oriented approaches to the delivery of servers

  • Recognizing skills, experience and education of newcomers

  • Collaborating with partner agencies and organizations to create a just and humane society

Annual Reports