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By working with your strengths and passions, we mentor you and help you find suitable employment with the help of an array of partners acting as bridge between newcomers and their dream profession.

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FAST can support your career launch by helping you understand how your work experience and training meet Canadian standards, in any of these sectors: skilled trades, biotech, and life sciences, IT and data services (SPRINT), accounting and finance, culinary arts, and seniors care.

ASCEND gives newcomers the employment edge they need to succeed in the job they want. It is a dynamic program that helps cultivate key employment soft skills using self-paced online videos, e-games, and interactive content.

First post-pandemic in-person employment networking event

On March 16, 2023, Kababayan Multicultural Centre, in partnership with JVS Toronto, gathered job seekers and career mentors from the trades, engineering, IT, architecture, finance, and job development professions. In addition to finding a mentor, networking is one of the effective ways for newcomers to find a job in Canada.

Employment Counsellor's tips on finding a job in Canada

Parisa, Kababayan's employment counsellor, advices newcomers two things in order to help them find a job in Canada: find a mentor, and expand their professional network.


In order to consistently improve our services, we would love to hear from our clients! If you have received KMC’s Settlement services and would like to leave a feedback, please do so here.

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