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Annual Reports

More insight into our impact

Our annual reports offer more detailed insight into the services we provide, as well as an overview of our priorities and goals for the past and forthcoming years. Each report features a breakdown of the sessions and services we provided that year and the number of community members who participated. Demographic information on our clients is included – for example, in 2022-2023, we served newcomers from at least 56 different countries! The reports also have information on our funding partners, photos from our events, testimonials from our clients, and more.




Kababayan Community Service Centre, later renamed Kababayan Multicultural Centre, is founded to serve Filipino immigrants. Our first location opens downtown, launching our legacy of service to newcomers in Canada.


Kababayan joins the opposition to the Klu Klux Klan in Parkdale, where the white supremacist organization has opened a Canadian branch. Following a grassroots advocacy campaign led by community partners, including Kababayan, the KKK branch disbands.


KMC’s first efforts to combat violence against women, particularly migrant care workers, begin. In collaboration with the Network of Filipino-Canadian Women, we release two research publications on the subject,  “Mail Order Brides: To Honor and Obey,” and “From Fright to Flight.”


Kababayan begins offering programs specifically targeted to address the needs of youth, women, and seniors. Throughout the 90s, KMC hosts summer camps specifically for these groups, offering opportunities for bonding and recreation in a safe and welcoming space.


After incidents of racial profiling against Filipino teenagers, Kababayan forms the Task Force to Stop Racism at Scarborough Town Centre, leading over 100 other organizations in a successful effort to repeal discriminatory policies. We produce the play “Mall Fright” to document the incidents.


KMC establishes the “Creating Access to Regulated Employment (CARE) for Nurses” project in partnership with WoodGreen Community Services, St. Michael’s Hospital and the Yee Hong Centre for Geriatric Care, funded by the MayTree Foundation. This project helps hundreds of internationally-trained nurses start practicing in Ontario.


We establish the Kababayan Caregiver Network to support the specific needs of live-in caregivers and other newcomer care workers. In addition to skill-building workshops and individual counselling, we host plenty of social activities to combat social isolation.


To reflect our commitment to being inclusive and welcoming to all, our operating name is changed to Kababayan Multicultural Centre and our second location opens in North York, expanding our ability to offer programs and services to newcomers city-wide.


As the pandemic restricts in-person activities, we begin offering our services virtually. Both our group and individual services are available online from this year onward, which allows us to reach a wider range of clients. 


In 2022, we celebrate our 45th anniversary and significantly expanded our staff, enabling us to reach and assist even more community members. Since then, we have welcomed thousands of newcomers to Canada, providing them with vital information and services to help them thrive. 


“My deepest gratitude to the staff of KMC for the dedication, professionalism, and warmth we received as newcomers to this country.”

Daisy Luque

Client from Venezuela

“I highly recommend Kababayan Youth for their unwavering support and guidance in planning our future.”


Client from Philippines

“Thanks to Kababayan members for helping newcomers. Special thanks to our Settlement Counselor for her guidance and positivity.”

Alfonso Lizarralde & Yamilek Duran

Clients from Colombia

“I am very grateful for the services I have received from KMC. Thanks to Carolina, my Settlement Counselor, for supporting me in my citizenship process.”

Valentina Mendoza

Client from Colombia

“I have nothing but positive things to say to KMC Youth. They have such high energy and positivity! I will definitely continue to work with them.”

Hazel Yap

Faculty member at Bishop Marrocco/Thomas Merton Catholic Secondary School

“Volunteering at KMC is a rewarding experience. I am grateful for the opportunities it has provided me.”

Limuel Palmones

KMC Youth Volunteer


Our Community Impact

Discover how we make a difference through our annual reports and testimonials that highlight the successes of the newcomers we serve. See the milestones we've achieved and how our dedicated efforts have transformed lives and built a stronger community over the years. 


Help us provide crucial services and support for our community. Your generous donations make it possible for us to support newcomers and help them thrive.

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